Essay on The Remarkable Life of Jack Kerouac

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When initially venturing to find the perfect person for this report, I first looked at some very interesting people. I found most of these interesting people were, at second glance, not so fascinating. I don't doubt that every one of them had a drastic impact on the world around them, but I found that none of these people suited the taste I was looking for. I needed a person who was not only interesting and beneficial to this world but also had a certain characteristic…I wanted this person to be "cool." I needed this distinction because I thought in order to do this report I needed to relate to this person in some way, and as a member of the younger generation, with unique views, I thought this quality would make it easier to …show more content…
Jack Kerouac was in a weak position at the time and he showed he was strong by writing how he felt.

“…I knew Jack was a poet-genius, but I didn’t realize he had that enormous volume of patience and sit down ability to create like a big, huge, huge, huge, long novel…I didn’t realize he was that fluent and vulnerable…I was astounded when I read the whole thing because it seemed like a reproduction of life as it was (Gifford 46).”

Jack also had many other admirable qualities. He was very persistent. It took him seven years of nagging before his first book, On The Road, was published. Many people ridiculed his odd style of writing and often he was the tormented by critics. “I know jack didn’t show that the critics bothered him, but I remember seeing the look in his eyes when he read a bad review. It bothered him (Gifford 64).”

     There were many things about Kerouac that I find especially fascinating. First I think it’s interesting how Kerouac struggled to lose his life long label as a dumb jock despite his obvious intellect. He was a star back on his high school football team and won some miraculous victories, securing himself a scholarship to Columbia University in New York. Being considered a jock Jack often was frustrated by people feeling and acting like they were smarter than him. “He tried surprisingly hard to lose that sweaty jock label, he’d show off how smart he was every chance

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