The Responsibilities of Engineering Essay

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In the past century, society and common people's lives have undergone significant changes, thanks to engineers' reformed and advanced technologies as well as their essential spirit of invention. Today, these respected engineers' footprints can still be traced anywhere: either those glittering neon lights that remind us, while flying above through a modernized city in the evening, of the achievements of electronic engineers; or those cloud-kissing buildings and sophisticated road networks which evokes us respects for civil engineers; or even the airplanes that we are taking and cars we are driving and that are also contributed to the efforts of mechanic engineers... All of the above tells us that engineers have established a close contact …show more content…
So, innovation and creativity are essential to this adaptation. Invention requires of engineers that they dare to break with accepted rules and conventions, and critically examine the work of their predecessors. They must develop their own ideas and finally convert those new ideas into tangible realities. Only in this way can they help our society to stay in a dynamic and evolving living environment. On the contrary, if an engineer does not possess such two professional qualities rather than their own profits: their salary, living conditions and like. This living space might have disappeared long ago.

The reason is simple. Everything is changing, from the bad to the good, then to the better. Due to continuing development of working force which to great extent, changes persons' living environment, from Stone Age to Metal, Machine, Electricity and till now Electronic Era, citizens' requirements of life qualities lasts growing up. In order to meet their demand, engineers have to from time to time do service and make invention. On one hand, they must maintain some outstanding efforts and accomplishments left by the seniors of the profession; on the other, new ideas and facilities are extremely needed. The whole world is so, let alone countries. Each country hopes that he could be number one through the Earth, so he must make great efforts to speed up his development of infrastructures, which to great extent, rely on the qualities of the engineers in the

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