The Right of Marriage Equality Essays

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Your wedding day is one of a few days where you are the happiest you will ever be, so why is it okay to have gay marriage illegal? We live in a world today where only 54% of Country’s have legalized gay marriage, but why is the other 46% against it? Before 342 AD same sex couples were a loud to do whatever they pleased, in 342 AD the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans demanded that all same sex couples were to be executed. Since then, the laws have changed significantly, but in majority of Country’s, people are being punished by not being able to marry the love of their life. People view gay marriage as unacceptable, preposterous, and horrendous, but those people are wrong. Men and women of the same sex should have the right to …show more content…
Over the years, thousands of people have been saying how awful gay marriage is, but why? Gay marriage is just as important as any other marriage, fact it is just like any other marriage, just with the same sex. The government claims to be saying that everybody is equal, but then why are homosexuals being discriminated? Having marriage equality can benefit the world, not only does it help create more homes for foster children to live in, it also helps the world live in peace and happiness. Nevertheless there will always be manipulative people who will contradict everything about gay marriage. The reason why 46% of countries don’t allow gay marriage is because the people and the government are against it. The biggest reason why people are against it is because gay marriage is against their religion, and it is considered a deadly sin. The bible does say in Leviticus 18:22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable” Which is understandable considering it is in the bible, but look at how many other things in the bible have been changed since it has been written. Additionally to that, it does not say anything about gay marriage being a sin in the Ten Commandments. Another argument that comes up a lot is: “same-sex parents should not be a loud to

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