The Rock: The GE Building in Rockefeller Plaza Essay

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Tourist. Business people. Shoppers. Television executives. View-seekers. All these people can be found at one place. The GE building, formally the RCA building, is the centerpiece of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, New York and was completed in 1933. The building is now the headquarters of the television network NBC along with being a tourist attraction. Known as 30 Rock, the structure is one of the most prestigious office buildings. Along with being an office building, there are many stores located on the first floor and under the building itself. The building is also home to the Top of the Rock, an observation deck located on the building’s flat roof. This one building has many uses and caters to different groups of people and on top of …show more content…
As you first walk into the building through the revolving doors a large lobby greets you. A massive moral depicting wisdom adorns the walls and ceiling. The layout of the lobby gives off more of feeling of a lavish office building lobby then a tourist site. The lobby though is where the business and tourism separates. The bank of elevators is blocked off for employee access only while the rest of the lobby and lower level houses stores, including the NBC store. The layout is crucial for this building due to it being a functioning office building along with a major tourist destination.
The building is of Art-Deco style, as many of the buildings of its time were. You immediately pick up the grand design style upon first arrival due to its sheer magnitude and overall interior design. The lavishness starts even before you cross through the doors with the golden statue that sits in the sunken plaza. But as you enter the actual building the Art-Deco design aesthetic certainly stands out with the black and golden floor and the substantial wall mural. The use of granite and limestone on the exterior and the materials on the interior creates a grand experience when within the building. The dramatic lighting that flows in also enhances the ornamental design style of the interior. These design elements add to the overall luxuriousness of the building creating a one of a kind experience for

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