The Role of Female Characters in Lermontov's Hero of Our Time

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The novel "Hero of Our Time", written by M. Lermontov in 1839-1840, is the first realistic prosaic psychological and philosophical work in the Russian literature. The novel was written after the crushing defeat of December uprising. In his novel, Lermontov was drawing the portrait of a man of that epoch, i.e., the hero of his time, whose character was build on the defects of entire generation in which author lived.

Female characters created by Lermontov playing a large role in the novel: they make it possible to more deeply open the nature of Lermontov's main hero Pechorin, his internal peace, and also his look on love. All female characters are the representatives of different social classes in the Lermontov's time: Bela - one of the
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To him everything is an annoyance, and he draws the conclusion that "the love of a savage girl is a little better than the love of noble lady; ignorance and artlessness of one is equally annoys as the coquetry of another ."

The following heroine - undine - helps the author to show Pechorin's tendency to get to know that romantic and mysterious world, to which she belongs. Lermontov pictures the world of lawless free life, and this attracts Pechorin like any other new and unrecognized thing in his life. The heroine of the short story "Taman'" is the typically romantic person. She possesses a white long hair, flexible thin camp and the eyes, which have some magnetic authority. Lermontov constantly pictures her in motion she is unpredictable as wind. In "Taman" Lermontov used such artistic method, as the romantic irony: Pechorin rushes into the boat after undine, but, having only swum off for a short distance from the coast, he remembers that he doesn't know how to swim. This confirms his enthusiasm to get to know more about mysteriousness of undine and her ways of life as an "honest smuggler." But he proves to be excess and does not finds a refuge for himself in her world.

But in the world to which he belongs, Lermontov's hero feels himself lonely and useless too. Thus, in the short story "Princess Mary" Lermontov presents other female characters, and better opens up the emotional struggle of his hero. Princess Mary is clever and well read, she is a noble

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