The Role of the Gods in Homer's The Odyssey Essay

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The presence of God in our belief system is something that many cultures have taken for granted. In Odyssey book, this presence of God or Goddess is even tangible because in this epic, mortals have the abilities to talk them, to see them and to feel their presences around them. Since the beginning of the epic, Odysseus has always been helped by Athena (goddess) who is Zeus’ daughter and Zeus who admired the man’s faith, courage, strategy and intellect.
In ancient Greece, the Gods’ power has constantly been praised and known as the God’s Love. In Homer’s Epic, what has really attracted my attention is how God in his highest love Odysseus and been always with him during his journey. Odysseus also knew that he would not be alive
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Athena tells Telemachus, "...Odysseus is not dead. He's still alive somewhere...held captive, out at sea, on a waved-washed island" (Homer 83-84). Thus, from the very beginning of the epic poem we see that Athena is out to help Telemachus find his father. In addition, she has given Telemachus confidence and courage. Athena, always in her kindness and love for Odysseus, guides Telemachus with lots of encouragement words. For instance, on Telemachus' way to Sparta, "Athena encourages him, and tells him not to be so shy, to rely on his native wit, and to have faith in the assistance of god..." (Homer 30, book 3). In other words, Athena reassures Telemachus that he needs to be brave and he was born with also God’s good will. Once again, The Goddess’ love is reveals here as a mentor who advises his little one while going to accomplish his voyage in orders to find his father’s news. This is why she disguises herself as a mentor to prepare Telemachus becoming a man. In other words, like Odysseus, Athena wants Telemachus to build his own reputation.

Through this example, we see that Athena for Telemachus is unconditional, such as a mother. Furthermore, Athena also provides Odysseus with tremendous support throughout his voyage. You can see during the war in troy, he was with Clypso, and only her asking her father to send Hermes to deliver him and then when Odysseus

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