The Rule of Law Essay

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The Rule of Law The Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1688 were attempts made by people of the time to enforce the rule of law in Britain. The rule of law is a set of values or principles that are the cornerstone of our legal system. These principles are known or readily discoverable and therefore do not change without notice; are reasonably clear; apply prospectively, not retroactively; and enforced through public trials based upon rational procedural rules before arbiters independent of the state and all others. The purpose of the rule of law is to remove both the reality of injustice and the …show more content…
However this attempt was not very effective, as future kings only observed the Magna Carta's provisions when it suited them. This problem became apparent in the 17th century under kings: James I, Charles I, James II, and Charles II and culminated with the Glorious Revolution and the signing of the Bill of Rights 1688.

The Glorious Revolution was the result of a series of kings doing as they pleased against the rule of law. Clarke states:

"In the sixteenth century in England the constitutional practice emerged that major changes in national policy were made by acts of parliament. In the early seventeenth century when King James I and his successors sought to rule by the prerogative and in particular to raise taxes by extra-parliamentary means, a conflict ensued with parliamentary forces and some sections of the judiciary."

Following the revolution, the current monarch was replaced by Dutch

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