The Science of Lung Cancer and its Treatment Essay

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12,800 males and 10,700 females are diagnosed with lung cancer each year.(CancerCa)The lungs are vital organs in our body which are located in the chest. Lungs bring oxygen into our body and release carbon dioxide.( oncologychannelCom) The lungs are respiratory organs that are important because they take in fresh oxygen to your blood which is then carried to your cells. Cancer occurs when mitosis goes “wild”. This means that cell division keeps dividing uncontrollably. This happens because some of the genes in the cell have been damaged or lost. (CancerhelpOrg) Oncogenes are mutated genes that promote cell division. Tumour suppressor genes are genes that slow cell division down and cause them to die.(lungcancer.aboutCom) Lung cancer is …show more content…
P53 can trigger cell death if DNA damage is detected or the cell has suffered some other type of damage. By doing this the cell cycle is unable to be completed. If the cell is only damaged the p53 stops the cycle until the cell is repaired, but if the damage isn’t able to be fixed, it triggers the cell to kill itself through a process called apoptosis. It was discovered that the p53 gene is defective in most tumours which means that there is unregulated growth of cells. ( Two major types of lung cancer are non-small lung cancer and small lung cancer. Non-small lung cancer is the more common lung cancer which accounts for 80% of lung cancers. This cancer spreads slower than small cancer. It can occur from smoking, but majority of the time it occurs from environmental factors. Small lung cancer, also known as oat cancer usually occurs from smoking tobacco. Small lung cancer which is less common, only accounts for 20% of lung cancers. This cancer is also known as a fast spreading cancer. Symptoms aren’t usually noticed in the early stages. Usually by the time the patients diagnosed with small cancer, it has already spread to different parts of the body. ( There are treatment methods for people who develop lung cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Before choosing a method there are many factors that must be looked at first, such as, the

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