The Secret Knowledge of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor Essay

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Knowledge of the Bombing of Pearl the Secret Harbor

Titans clashed in Europe...a struggle for power between the Axis(Germany, Italy, and Japan), and the Allies (France, England, and Russia), waged on. Many people died. There were famines, diseases, split up families, hardships unimaginable to people in our time. Yet one country prospered. Isolated in its own wealth and prosperity, The United States of America had no interest in the war. At least until one infamous day, December 7, 19411, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On this day, Germany’s ally, Japan, led a surprise attack on the US Naval station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Or was it a surprise? Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then president of the United States of America, know about the
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H. Completely embargo all trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British Empire.
This was dated October 7,1940, fourteen months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.4

Beginning the very next day, with Roosevelt's involvement, McCollum's proposals were systematically put into effect. This showed that Roosevelt not only accepted war, but he warranted and encouraged it previous to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Roosevelt also failed to save many American lives. Not only in Pearl Harbor, but also in the provoking of war with Japan. He purposefully sent so-called “pop-up”4 ships in Japanese waters to aggravate the Japanese. Even though these ships were sometimes shot down and sunk Roosevelt continues to send them into danger. He even went so far as to say, “I don't mind losing one or two cruisers, but do not take a chance on losing five or six.”6 It is horrendous that he would actually risk American lives in order to start a war in which more lives would be lost. Not only that, but those men and women were not recognized as dying for their country in battle, for the war had not yet begun. The sinkings were merely called Japanese “mistakes”7. This was an awful abuse of power and was unjust to the American people.
     Roosevelt continued to abuse his power in other ways. When Admiral James O. Richardson blatantly disagreed with Roosevelt when

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