The Start of The War in Syria Essay

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The war started in March when they attacked 15 school children that wrote graffiti on the wall in Syria. The government and president Assad didn’t approve and he captured them and held them hostage and tortured them. The people of Syria wanted to have peaceful protest and not fight however the government didn’t approved and killed people. Also when they were mourning the 4 people that had died the government killed one more person. This threw the country into chaos because they were upset and fed up that President Assad didn’t want to listen to them. They said that Assad was following Mubarak’s footsteps. Assad agreed to lift the state of emergency on the country, however 4 days after the Syrian regime sent thousands into Daraa.
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The people wanted to have peaceful protest but unfortunately couldn’t that is what initially started the war. They also there were a big drought so the crops died so they have less food, and less money. They wanted to have Democracy and Greater freedom. They also have issues with them using chemical weapons against the Syrian people because it kills. President Assad is all behind this idea, yet he denies it all the way. He tries to place the blame on the rebels. There is also other issues that are happening including the mass killing and raping of thousands of children
Some of the issues in Syria include corruption. If a person doesn’t have enough money to live on in Syria it is very hard. The families that do have the money bribe the government to release their family members. And other corrupters such as the anti Assad rebels purchase weapons from the government. Population growth is huge in the Middle East. They have a rapid population growth in Syria and this makes finding a job very hard.

Bombings barrel bombings to be specific are becoming more popular in the war. Warplanes drop barrel bombs from the sky. People tell of the horrific sights as bombs drop and demolish whole streets and houses. The rebels use guerilla

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