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In 1787 Article three of the constitution created the Supreme Court, but not until 1789 was it configured. The way it was originally set up was with one Chief Justice and five associate judges, with all six members being appointed for life. This court serves as the “supreme law of the land”, it has the power to determine if state or federal laws are in conflict with how the Court interprets the constitution. Presently the supreme court has nine members, which include one Chief Justice and eight associate Justices. The Chief Justice Appoints each associate Justice to oversee one or more various circuits. Every year the Supreme Court has a term in which it revues selected cases. This term starts on the first Monday of October …show more content…
court of Appeals, First Circuit from 1981, in 1990 he became chief judge, then in 1994 President Clinton appointed him to the Supreme Court.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born 1933 in New York, graduated Columbia Law school. Was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia in 1980, then in 1993 was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Clinton.
Anthony Kennedy, born 1936 in California, graduated Harvard Law school. He served on the U.S. Court of Appeals from 1975 up until 1988 which is when President Reagan appointed him to the Supreme Court.
Sandra Day O’Connor, born 1930 in Texas, graduated Stanford Law school. Served as judge of the Arizona Court of Appeals from 1979 till 1981 when President Reagan appointed her to the Supreme Court.
Antonin Scalia, born 1936 in New Jersey, graduated Harvard Law School. Assistant attorney general in the Justice Department from 1974-1977, then served from 1982-1986 on the U.S. court of Appeal for the district of Columbia. In 1986 President Reagan appointed him to the Supreme Court.
David Hackett Scouter, born 1939 in Massachusetts, graduated Harvard Law school. Served as attorney general for New Hampshire (1976-1978), served as associate justice of the New Hampshire superior court and supreme court until 1990 when President Bush appointed him to the Supreme Court.
John Paul Stevens, born 1920 in Chicago, graduated Northwestern Univ. Law school. Served as judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals seventh circuit from 1970

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