The Twisted Truth Behind Annabel Lee Essay

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"The death of a beautiful women is unquestionably the most poetic topic." This quote, stated by Poe, reflects the author’s dark and twisted perspective on life. Poe’s tragic life influenced his writing; making death the reason Poe wrote. Substance abuse, the denial of death, and self-destruction, made Poe one of America's most beloved and well-known writers. The poem "Annabel Lee" best exemplifies the author's dark past with love, death, and drug abuse.

Due to Edgar past, love influenced his writing drastically. The painful death of Poe's wife and cousin, inspired him to write "Annabel Lee". "In a kingdom by the sea" Poe describes the kingdom to be lonely and mysterious, but Poe also mentions Virginia being in the kingdom and filling it
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“And neither the angels in Heaven above nor the demons under the sea can ever dissever my soul room the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee” this shows another example how pure the love of Poe was for young Virginia Clemm.

As a child, vulnerable Edgar had always feared death; Poe strongly believed that ghost and spirits would come after Poe, after the death of Edgar’s mother at the age of six. Gothic Literature describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places. Poe’s writing was mainly Gothic literature. Several of his writing generally considers part of dark romanticism, which Poe strongly disliked, but it was his only way to express the pain Edgar contain after all these deaths. “ So that her highborn kinsmen came and bore her away from me” Edgar’s biggest fear was Virginia leaving the kingdom. The kingdom was Edgar’s safe place for Virginia. Poe describes the “ Highborn Kinsmen” as a reminder of his independent memories with Virginia. “ And the stars never rise, but I feel bright eyes” Poe envisions Virginia’s soul, the spark of life that gives a promise that the love contained will last for Poe and Virginia to meet again. Virignia Clemm was diagnosed with Tuberculosis which the fluids will fill up the lungs and one will die shortly since one wouldn't be able to breath anymore, “ That the wind came out of the

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