The Ugly Side of Facebook Essay

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Facebook: the not so pretty side of it Everyday people’s grades fall, are cyberbullied, or are exposed to inappropriate content, or even put themselves in danger because of Facebook. 38 percent of victims from frequent cyberbullying thought or committed suicide in 2013.().Because of distraction, Facebook caused many kid’s grades to lower because they spend less time studying and more time scrolling on their computers and clicking “like” on a friend’s pictures. Studies have shown that Facebook users spend 11 hours studying and working on academic work while non-users spend 15 hours. Many children are exposed to inappropriate content, like, advice on eating disorders, Facebook can be a good cite, but for only people who can use …show more content…
Another reason these young kids should wait until the age of 15 to create a Facebook page is due to exposure. Not only do people expose information, but they have inappropriate content exposed to them. Many children go on social networking sites and make “friends” this can affect the person who has allowed this because now the “new friend can view the information posted on their profile. There are many people who enjoy seeing “2,302 friends”, but it results that 8-11 year olds have never met 12% of their “friends”.(Online Safety: What parents need to know.). Not only are these children allowing access to their personal information, but they are being exposed to inappropriate content. Kids on the internet are exposed to pornography, advice on eating disorders, and child abuse images. 28% of 11 to 18 year olds thought that viewing pornography affected their thought of a relationship. On the year of 2013, 9,500 websites were deleted of the internet, worldwide, due to illegal and inappropriate content. There are many people who break the rule of minimum age of 13 in order for a Facebook account if this did not happen the number of children exposed to all the inappropriate content would lessen.

The final reason kids should wait until the age of 15 for a Facebook account is due to the high number of people being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying is bullying behind the screen,

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