Essay on The Underlying Truth of Thumbelina

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Fairytales exist to create a time for children where they dream of imaginable creatures and people that they wish to be. Some fairytales teach children morals of some sort while some teach them the difference between good and evil. But when an in depth look into the fairytale is executed, what is found? In The classic fairytale treasury’s fairytale Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen illustrates the patriarchal views that continue to control stereotyped traditional views of men and women in society by insinuating Thumbelina as a sensitive, beautiful, fragile being and the prince and male animals as rich, strong, powerful beings. Hans Christian Andersen depicts Thumbelina as a beautiful small fragile woman by choice of diction and …show more content…
This is seen as the mouse tells Thumbelina that she may stay “but she must keep the house tidy and tell her stories” (Andersen, 3). As Thumbelina continues to stay with the mouse, a mole visits her. The mouse betroths Thumbelina to the mole and declares that she is to marry him or “she will bight her with her front teeth” (Andersen,5). When Thumbelina finds the bird in the tunnel and nurses him back to health it shows that women are the caregivers to others. Women must take care of and clean up after the ones that take care of her and the ones that she loves. Anderson portrays the male characters as greedy, rich, and powerful in order to show the patriarchal power that reflects the ways of stereotyped male tradition in society. The ugly male toad proves his power by placing her on a “water Lilly leaf” (Andersen, 1). This further proves that the frog is in control since Thumbelina cannot do anything but “cry bitterly” (Andersen, 1). After Thumbelina escapes the toads with the help of the fish in the stream, she is picked up by a may bug who claims, “She is the prettiest thing” (Andersen, 2) he has ever seen. However, when the other may bugs come to see Thumbelina they remark “how disgusting” (Andersen, 2) she is the maybug sets Thumbelina on a daisy at the bottom of the tree telling her “she is

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