The Use of Illegal Substances To Enhance Performance on the Playing Field

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One of the fastest growing conflicts in major league sports is the use of illegal substances to enhance performance on the playing field. Players have forgotten the roots of the sports they compete in and tend to think more about themselves and money rather than their young fans and family who admire them. Questions are being asked, about the testing system and how many athletes are getting away with injecting steroids into their bodies. However, steroids do not seem to be as destructive as previously thought. Steroids should be allowed because they are so common, the MLB shows little concern, and they improve the game. Steroids should be allowed in the MLB because they are so common already.
Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Curt
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His body virtually stopped producing its own testosterone and that his level of the hormone had fallen to 20% of normal (Totally Juiced P4). Steroids are dangerous and sometimes fatal. Yet, if some players use them, others will feel the pressure to use them as well, in order to compete. Most important of all, many young people will imitate their sports heroes—and pay the price (Say It Ain’t So). Even after the harming side effects Caminiti defended his use of steroids and said he would not discourage others from taking them because they have become a widely accepted, even necessary choice for ballplayers looking for a competitive edge and financial security. “I’ve made a ton of mistakes,” said Caminiti. “I don’t think using steroids is one of them” (Totally Juiced P5, P6). Steroids should be allowed because the MLB is not concerned, due to its poor testing system. Jose Conseco, another player who used steroids, estimated that 85% of major leaguers use steroids (Totally Juiced P12). So the question asked is how are they not getting caught? Dick Pound, chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, characterized baseball’s testing as “an insult” to the anti-doping movement. He goes on to say that players can only be tested from
March 2nd till the end of the regular season, leaving them at least four months to get the muscle-building benefits of the drugs before getting

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