The Value of Reputation Essays

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Reputation is a great part everyone’s life; everyone wants to have a good reputation in order to be respected by society members. William Shakespeare proves the importance of reputation’s role on all of the character’s lives by showing importance of reputation in the play “Othello”. Every member of society lives for the reputation, without it life becomes much more challenging. Reputation is shaped and influenced by one’s character and their past that can be used to one’s benefit. It cannot be determined by a being but what other’s believe to represent one’s identity. Reputation is an image in society that everyone wants to maintain, leading one to conclude that reputation means respect in a society.

A good reputation is needed in
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Those who understand its true value and what it brings to them cherish it. Othello is a respected man in society with “what conjuration, and what mighty magic…[he] won his daughter” (1.3.109-111) Showing its value amongst classes in a society, people of a higher class have a much prestigious reputation than those of a lower class. Nevertheless, reputation is not simply found, but developed over the years through their actions, viewpoints and judgments of others.

Reputation is not always correctly based on a person’s character but how they decide to portray it. Iago is shown to have a good reputation, an honest and loyal man to Othello and the society, but that does not mean it is the reality. Othello believes Iago without knowing his true nature and refers to others "Iago is most honest," (2.3.7). Iago is shown to be trustworthy in the past because he has not deceived anyone, and proved his loalty to Othello with several years of service for him. Also being the reason why Othello believes in him. Since Iago has a good reputation and is respected by most, Othello can easily finds Iago trustworthy and believes Iago tells him. Thus, he begins to doubt Desdemona, simply because of all the things Iago has filled his mind with to a point where he no longer trusts her. "[Desdemona] did deceive her father, marrying you; And when she seemed to shake and fear your

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