The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War was a significant event in history that has showed Americans’ strengths and weaknesses as well as endurance to get through difficulties. The United States got involved in the Vietnam War to try to put a stop to communism. (Welsh, Douglas. The Vietnam War. Greenwich Ct.: Bison, 1984. Print.) However, this also shows that America is trying to take a stand for our country’s well being as well as other countries. Many opinionated statements have been made about Iraq War Veterans over the years. Some people don’t truly appreciate what they have done for our country. They have truly sacrificed their lives and time to keep us safe. In this expository paper, I will address how Iraq War vets have impacted society today and how they …show more content…
It remains to be seen what the longer-term psychological impact of serving in Iraq or Afghanistan will be, and what social and healthcare services might be required for this small but important group of veterans who are at highest risk of mental health problems.” Although, this is very common today for our soldiers to come back home with problems, Americans needs to put their input in helping these veterans. (Drury, Ian. “One in Five Veterans Who Served in Iraq and Afghanistan Have Turned to Drink to Block out the Horrors of War.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 26 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 Mar. 2014)
Iraq war veterans should without doubt be treated well when they return home from the war. They have sacrificed themselves for every American citizen’s safety. Often they return home with serious medical disabilities or injuries, but are not cared for the way they should be. On January 8, 2014, the display of two burned American bodies dangling from a bridge as a exultant crowd besieged them with shoes, parched the name Fallujah into the American psyche. The fierce house to house battle to subdue the Iraqi mutiny bastion paved its place in United States’ military history. So it is no astonishment that the city’s latest fall to Al Qaeda tied forces has touched a nerve for the service members who fought and bled there. “These young Marines-19 years old- went in every building and every

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