The Woman Picking Olives by Vincent van Gogh and The Harvesters by Pieter Elder

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The Women Picking Olives is by Vincent van Gogh. The date is between 1889 and 1890.The Material is Oil on canvas and its sizes are 75 cm x 113 cm. The Harvesters painting is by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and it was created in about 1565. The Material is Oil on canvas. The sizes are about 116.5 x 159.5 cm. The basic picture on the Women picking olives painting is three women who are helping each other pick a weird object of a tree. From the title of the painting I would say the object is olives but the object doies not look like olivesThe object looks like a pumpkin but pumpkins don’t grow on trees! Perhaps they are putting the object on the tree instead on taking it out? Whenever I look at this painting I get a breezy cold felling around …show more content…
The Harvesters painting by Pieter Bruegel Elder depicts a group of people who are sitting under the shade of a tree in what seems to be a blazing hot day. Under the tree, they are sitting on a log and are talking, eating bread and soup and enjoying themselves. Most of the men sitting there are dressed in a white shirt and grey pants which looks to be made of cotton. The women on the picture are dressed like the ones on the other painting. They are wearing a black and white dress. The tree on this painting looks quite normal in contrast to the trees on the other paintings. The tree is long and it’s stems are spread like it should. This painting seems to be telling two different stories. The first, bigger story is the group of people sitting under a tree and enjoying themselves. The other story is a group of men who are picking corn form what seems to be a bunch of corn plants. They are wearing grey cowboy hats to perhaps protect them from the sun. The most interesting part of this painting seems to be the sky. The sky is filled with dark grey clouds which for me, send s a chilly feeling and it seems as if it’s going to start raining any second. There is also no sun. However, if you look at the environment of the painting where the people are, it looks quite hot as if there hasn’t been any rain in a while and the sun is blazing upon them. In the distance, there

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