The Year to Take Back Our Government Essay

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This could be the most decisive year in the history of the United States. The American people will decide our standing as the leader of the free world and define our struggle to remain free and independent of the repressive federal government now entrenched in Washington. Will we become subjects of power-hungry corrupt politicians, or regain control of our government and live our lives as our Constitution and founders intended? The answer to the November election question will determine our fate. Our national security and the safety of our citizenry are in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians. This administration has no concept of how to maintain an honorable peace through strength. Obama, the “apologist," is a weak, naïve, …show more content…
Constitution, free enterprise, and the capitalist system and in our Republic, we must unite. We must seek the truth and become millions of modern-day Paul Reveres, spreading the word. We must create a network of millions of conservatives using social-networking sites, local meeting halls, media, telephones, computers, and person-to-person contacts so extensive as to create a tidal wave of reaction to all political chicanery and oppression by our constitutionally challenged leaders. If every conservative in our nation would lock elbows and march as one, there is no power in Washington that could stop us. The liberal, progressive agenda will be in overdrive this year from the media, politicians, and bureaucrats. They realize this may be their last opportunity to institute their left-wing policies. Progressive extremists control the Senate and a wannabe dictator and his henchmen direct the White House. They must promote and justify the corrupt and unconstitutional laws and dictates that they enforce upon the American people; and they must do so before the November election. Living within our Constitution is not an option for these leftists and they will viciously attack anyone standing in the way of their dictatorial philosophies. The massive graft, corruption, and payoffs accepted as the norm by this Congress, trumps the wishes of the American people. Nancy Polisi epitomizes many in Congress when asked where in the Constitution does Congress get the

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