Essay on Tiny Tyrant of Terror

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Tiny Tyrant of Terror
“In war there is but one favorable moment; the great art is to seize it” (Napoleon Bonaparte). A man small in stature but one who commands great respect on the battlefields of Europe, he led his men to victory dozens of times not knowing defeat. He killed thousands of people and left others starving, dying, and bloodied along the way. He took thousands more captive and rendered their armies useless. He was a man of strength, courage, and brutality. Napoleon led his empire with an iron fist. What was once a gleam of hope after the revolution quickly became a shadow over all of France. Promises of peace gave way to realities of war and bloodshed. Napoleon was man that came from humble beginnings, who became emperor of
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Shortly after being promoted to General, Napoleon found himself being a loud voice in the reform for France’s new government. In 1799 after a horrible defeat at the hands of the British Napoleon returned to France and led a Coup de e’tat and toppled the government (Thompson). He became first consul of France or head of the government. At this position he began to reform France and turned it into a European powerhouse. In 1802 he was named consul for life. Shortly after gaining this title Napoleon dismissed the other two consuls and named himself Emperor Napoleon I. At the crowning ceremony, this where the pope crowns any king or emperor, Napoleon did something that shook the Catholic world. Napoleon took the crown from the popes hands and placed on his own head naming himself emperor, “a title which Bonaparte worked hard to maintain and glorify” (Wilde). Emperor of France was not enough to satisfy Napoleon and in 1805 he named himself King of Italy. This did not sit well with many Italians but they could not do anything about it. Napoleon had taken control of two countries and the whole of Europe just watched. Napoleon now in a position of complete power could run his empire any way he wanted to. His tyrannical reign was about to begin. Assassination attempts began to unfurl and Napoleon made short work of his opponents. Any and all that questioned

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