Top Five Best Inventions of The 20th Century Essay example

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Top Five Best Inventions of The 20th Century

Have you ever wondered how something was invented? Have you ever wondered why they were invented? Well, I have and this is the result of that wondering. During the twentieth century, inventions were needed to keep up with the times and be the best country we can be. Most of these inventions were used to keep up with the war, such as the radio and the airplane. Other inventions, such as the car and television, were necessary to keep up with the automotive and technological world. Without all of these wonderful inventions, where we be today? Well, for starters, there would be no space travel, or for that matter, no travel at all.

The Radio: Guliemo Marconi
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Farnsworth, Leslie E. Flory, Charles Francis Jenkins, Ernest Fredrik Werner Alexanderson, Ulises Armand Sanabria, and Valadimir Kosma Zworykin. Back when televisions were first sold in the U.S. they were very expensive (for there time) and not worth having because there was not many television stations around. The standard screen size was five inches by five inches and visually circular. The very fist television could only show still images and sound. The first motion television took 15 minutes to turn on because of all the tubes and needing to warm up. The television worked on wireless signals sent by television stations through radio waves, which is our modern day antenna.

The Airplane: The very first airplane was invented in the late 1700s but that's not the significant point. This essay is supposed to be about inventions from the 20th century. So why am I talking about something that was invented in the 1700s? Well I didn't say that it was a good invention but some brothers reinvented the airplane in 1903, making it better, and their name was the Wright brothers. Wilber and Orville Wright to be exact. If they had recreated the airplane it would still be as inefficient as riding across country in a horse and buggy. They created a system of pulleys that helped control the plane from a single spot. Their main design came from a kite: They figured if it could fly then why not just make it bigger. The Wrights made a design that made

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