Essay on Treatment for Rod Blagojevich

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The person that I am going to focus on is Rod Blagojevich. He is the former governor of Illinois. He was born on December 10th 1956. He was the younger of two boys. His father Radisa Blagojevich, was an immigrant steel plant laborer from Serbia who was also a former Nazi prisoner. His mother, Millie was a ticket taker for the Chicago Transit authority. Rod grew up in a working class immigrant neighborhood in Chicago. His parents never let him forget about his heritage and culture. Besides English, Rod spoke fluent Serbo-Croatian. His college education started at the University of Tampa. He later enrolled at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He had to wash dishes at the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline to support himself …show more content…
In 2002, he became the first democrat in 26 years to win an election in Illinois. In 2005, he had his first real scandal. It was reported that he gave contracts for fast food franchises to his campaign donors. He also was scrutinized for receiving a check for $1500 from someone that gave his wife a job at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, even though she failed the hiring exam. Blagojevich’s fundraiser manager was indicted for extortion. Even though he had a lot of controversy, he was re-elected in 2006. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald began to investigate him because of all the scandals. In 2008, his approval was the lowest of all US governors. Later that year, he was impeached and banned from ever holding a public office in Illinois. He was later indicted by a federal grand jury on corruption charges dealing with him trying to sell the senate seat vacated by Barrack Osama. His Federal case is still going on, but he was found guilty of one charge, and he is waiting for his second trial to begin.
As it relates to the Socio-Cultural Perspective, Blagojevich leaned from his fellow politicians that his behavior was acceptable, and a necessary evil. His environment and culture played a huge part in his decision making.
It is my opinion that Blagojevich may have suffered from adjustment disorders in Axis I. His college years were spent secluded from his peers. I don’t think he Axis II or III

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