Unjust Compensation Essay

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Each year, high school athletes are given scholarships to compete in collegiate level sports. Most people see this as an excellent opportunity for students, but is that really the case? Do these athletes really need this money to attend college and have a better life? I think not. College athletes shouldn’t receive monetary compensation because scholarships should be for academic achievement, playing at the collegiate level is not yet a career, and the love of the sport can be lost. Scholarships should be awarded to scholars, not athletes. Sports achievements should not overshadow academic accomplishments. “University resources that should be spent on academics are instead subsidizing entertainment” (Krupnick). Although …show more content…
Regular students don’t receive payment, so why should athletes? Both put in a substantial amount of work. Both strive for the common aspiration of graduating. Therefore, both should be treated equally in respect to being paid. Some might say that non-athletes have more time for a job, so it’s rational for athletes to be paid. This is most certainly false due to the fact that there are so many other activities for students to be involved in other than sports. Intramurals, dance team, business clubs, outdoors clubs, and optimist clubs are just a few of the other numerous organizations available. All college activities are meant for enjoyment, but are organized athletics actually pleasant? How much pleasure can come from playing college athletics for payment? The stress of performing well must be extreme. Studies suggest that athletes experience the additional stresses of vast time commitments; loss of a high standing gained in high school; the possibility of injuries; and more (Wilson and Pritchard 1). All of the pressure can surely diminish the value of playing sports, as well as harm an individual’s well-being. Frankly, the love of the game should be enough for students to continue playing at the next level. Colleges should be recruiting talented players for their schools, and in turn offer them the chance to play and enjoy themselves. The idea of payment should not be the incentive for athletes.
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