Up Close and Personal the Movie Essay

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Up Close and Personal the Movie

The "Movie Up Close and Personal," is a modern-day story about a young reporter, Tally Atwater (Michelle Pfeiffer), who is determined to make a place for herself in the broadcasting field as a news reporter. At a Miami, Florida based station, where she is given her first chance at making it, Atwater meets Warren Justice (Robert Redford), a well known reporter who has irritated some important people in his career. Justice shows Atwater the ropes of becoming a successful news reporter and in the process, they fall in love. As the story progresses, the viewer is taken on a journey which consists of Tally Atwater's rise in the field as well as the budding romance between herself and her mentor, Warren
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Through her hard work and persistence, she persuades Justice to give her a chance on the other side of the camera. Although Tally has the talent of a successful news reporter, Justice feels she needs to look more polished. After a makeover and a new wardrobe, Tally Atwater is ready to report to the world. She proves herself as an exceptional reporter however, Tally becomes too concerned with her image. For example, Justice allows Atwater to cover a live on the scene report. However, in the middle of preparation, Atwater pulls out a tube of lipstick and asks if she looks all right. Justice replies with the question of whether or not Atwater is reporting to look good or to get the story? Tally's reaction is a great example of how women are portrayed in the media. Although the networks want the story to be told, the pressure to look good is extremely prevalent. Although Atwater proves to be a strong woman in the end, she falls victim to corporate socialization. Because she proves her broadcasting skills, Tally is promoted to be a weekend anchorwoman at a prestigious Philadelphia news station. When she arrives, her co-workers do not accept Tally. Although Justice polishes her look, Atwater does not fit the standards of "Philadelphia Society." A tough news anchor whose goal is to get the real story, is not what the board thought would appeal to the Philadelphia public. She is directed to "ice the story with frosting," so the

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