Essay Use of Parody in Shrek

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Use of Parody in Shrek

The basic plot line of `Shrek' is there is an ogre called Shrek, his swamp is taken over by conventinal fairytale characters and the only way to get rid of them is too save the princess. Shrek and princess Fiona fall in love. Then Fiona turns out to be an ogre, and then Shrek and Fiona marry. And as said in the film they live ugly ever after. In a conventional fairytale this wouldn't happen as the hero himself would go save the damsel in distress. Then they would marry and live happily ever after. In this essay I will be showing How `Shrek' uses parody in order to appeal to a wide and varied audience. A parody is an imitation of an original to entertain.

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Donkey is a grey small donkey. He's very talkative and extremely sensitive. He plays Shreks sidekick. His fairytale comparison is Abu. He is portrayed as Abu as Abu is Aladdin's sidekick in the film Aladdin. Farquaads is a short and sinful man. He is portrayed as a work-shy bully. His fairytale comparison is Jafar. He is portrayed as Jafar as Jafar is the evil one in Aladdin. The characters are parodied in `Shrek' as the hero is an ugly ogre. This is effective as it's a twist in the tale. In conventional fairytales the hero is always a handsome, young brut, but in `Shrek' he is an ugly green ogre.

During the film there are all different genres, there is romance, action and mystery. This adds to the different impact of the movie. There is romance as Shrek and Fiona fall in love. There is action as Shrek and the dragon fight. There is mystery as when Fiona falls at the wedding, she falls with her back to the audience.

The film techniques in `Shrek' are quite similar to the ones in Beauty and the Beast. Like when Fiona transforms into an ogre the shot sizes were close ups of hands, feet and eyes, and there were long shots of the audience. The camera rotated around Fiona showing something was happening, it made it seem really dramatic. Also Fiona falls with her back to the camera, so that the viewer can't see what is happening. The camera moves real

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