Use of Satirical Techniques in Swift's Gulliver's Travels Essay

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Use of Satirical Techniques in Swift's Gulliver's Travels

Swift is a master of satirical writing, and his use of satirical technique in Gulliver's Travels is of a deep and intense nature. In each mysterious island he visits, there is a subtle attack on European nature, and the way the people of his time lived and acted. Gulliver's Travels was written to expose and open up the cracks in the society of his time. Each island he visits has no knowledge of Europe at all, and this further enhances the shock and dismay by the people and creatures he meets. It is a satirical technique used so the characters can amplify there emotions, thus creating a more shocking experience and reaction.

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Gulliver leaves Lillput and after a long period of travelling finds himself in Brobdingnag, an almost utopian society, which has no inadequacies and all the inhabitants have adequate food and good pay. The ironice problem being that he was the small one with the inhabitants of Brobdingnag being giants!The contrast between Brobdingnag and Europe is huge, and this portrays the faults of Europe in a much greater way. Gulliver proudly boasts about Europe naively, describing the House of Commons (at the time very corrupt) and its members to have a "great ability and love of their country" with the "wisdom of the whole nation." This satire is used in a sarcastic way, seeing as the politicians of the time were extremely corrupt and conveniently voted. However the kings' response was of a surprising nature to Gulliver, "a stranger with a strong purse might not influence the vulgar voter." Gulliver is puzzled by the kings' reactions and cannot see his on naivety. Swift is clearly showing human ignorance and self pride, and lack of realisation to human faults. In an attempt to once again impress the king he reveals the ingredients for gunpowder. He quotes " that a proper quantity of this powder can drive a ball with such violence and speed that nothing will sustain its force," this not being the best idea to bring into

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