Views on Overseas Expansion in 19th Century America Essay example

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Arguments for and against overseas expansion raised a foreign policy debate in the late years of the 19th century to the early years of the 20th century. People favored overseas expansion because they wanted the American economy to grow. Missioners, who wanted to convert the inhabitants of the new lands, also propelled this new policy, and theories such as the Social Darwinism and the Manifest Destiny made people believed it was right for America to expand its frontiers and help the less fortune. But there were some who disagreed with overseas expansion because they looked at it as a hypocrisy act among Americans, or as a way of subjugating other nations just for America’s benefits. Some others were concerned that making contact with …show more content…
Many of these missioners were women who wanted to highlight their importance as social uplifters at home. The Women’s Christian Temperance Movement also sent women abroad with the idea of letting the people know that it was America who had started with the women’s rights.
Two well-known theories became very spoken among American expansionists when the debate about looking outward exploded. Follow by the ideas of Social Darwinism expansionists supported the ownership of overseas territories as a natural order of a “more fit species”. These people believed that the American race, Anglo-Saxon, was superior to many others, and for that reason justified the authority in less-developed countries. Manifest Destiny, also used for the western expansion a half century earlier, stated that America had the mission to regenerate the world, and people believed that the Unites States’ destiny was to bring democracy, modern civilization, Christianity, and culture to under-developed countries.
But there were people who disagree with overseas expansion. Some argued the moral position of this situation. They thought it was wrong to subjugate other nations for America’s welfare; and they were willing to apply the human rights to the people in the foreign

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