Vigilantes in Egypt: The People Taking the Law into Their Own Hands

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Can we take law in our hands? This is what vigilantes do. They are normal people who don't have any authority or right to enforce any legislation. They try to protect other people around them by enforcing the rules that are not followed. However, vigilantes might end up causing more harm than good. Recently, many vigilante groups appeared due to lack of law that is a result of the unstable political situation Egypt has been going through. In the last three years Egypt has been suffering from many issues like traffic problems , thugs everywhere and a remarkable increase in the number of harassed women. In Eid El Adha ; an Islamic celebration ; many people took advantage of the crowd to harass girls and the police didn't take any action and …show more content…
Unfortunately , policemen in Egypt refuse to file or document any complaint against the harassers(). Further more, the policemen may put the blame on the woman and claim that they can't help her. In a situation like this someone have to act to protect egyptian women. Someone have to step out to put limits to these harassers and show them that there are consequences for harassing a woman. As long as the policemen are not willing to help even by reporting a complaint file, Egypt will be desperately in need to campaigns like "Estargel".
Policemen don’t only refuse to report a complaint file but also they may be involved in the harassment. Imagine going to the police office to file a complaint against a harasser and then you find the policeman there harassing you. What makes the situation worse is that other policemen just stand there laughing or checking the woman out instead of acting and protecting her. If the person who is have authority to protect Egyptian women from being harassed is joining in the crime,who will look after these victims. where should they go to complaint ? Women are afraid to go to the police office so they don’t harassed there. A Cairo-based psychologist called Salima Barakat believes that the psychological drawback of being harassed from a person that have the authority to protect the victim from being harassed is far more than the psychological effect of being harassed by normal people in the street. Salima Barakat argues that this

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