Voluntary Military Service Essay

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Military service should be voluntary because of the choices and sacrifices the military forces people to make. As a military child I understand what the military service can do to lifestyles, relationships and individuals. The time spent serving in the military can uproot or separate families, friends and destroy those relationships. The places you live and how you live will change. The training, expectations and things the military forces you to do will change people and not always for the best. The military is not for everyone and making service mandatory will cause more problems for our nation and its people than its worth.

During my life I have lived in six different places over sixteen years and have spent years of that time
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By only requiring mandatory service for the Draft American citizens can up hold a civil duty without being controlled by it. With complete mandatory service of both men and women our country will face many hardships in daily life and war.

America is currently at war with Iraq and the death count is constantly rising. If mandatory service for every one between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six existed for both sexes our nation would be in chaos. Young adults with their whole life ahead of them face the risks of being crippled mentally and physically possibly permanently and ultimately death. Men with families face the same risks as well as the threat of returning and not being able to support their loved ones anymore. Women would be forced to leave their children to face equal risks and like anyone else in a war zone may be killed. Although even with these losses the hardships of mandatory service it would not stop the war or end with the war. The scars from any war run deep but one in which the whole nation is hindered could destroy our country.

Our country’s economic state from a war with a stable home front is in dire need of help. In the event of mandatory service the funds poured in to the war would increase significantly. All the money spent on training, supplying and paying our troops would become a burden on government funds and eventually lead to tax increases. American homes would suffer with

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