Walt Disney and the Idea of Disneyland Essay examples

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Disneyland is considered a magical place. Some might even consider it “better than real” (Louise 162). It is a place where families can have fun together and bond. It has been running successfully for over fifty years. But how did Disneyland come to be? It did not simply pop up one night out of nowhere. Disneyland came to be through three events; the childhood of Walt Disney, the idea for an amusement park, and the building of this “better than real” place.
Walter Elias Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago. He was born into the family of Elias and Flora Disney. When Walt was born, he had two older brothers. One was Raymond, who was eleven, and the other was Roy O., who was eight. Two years after Disney, his sister Ruth was born. In
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Mickey Mouse was made the mascot of Disney in 1928 (Ayre).
One day, Walt Disney and his family were at an amusement park. While waiting in line, he saw all the bored parents waiting with their kids. It was then that Walt came up with the idea of a place where families could have fun together (Ayre). Walt began sketching plans for this park in 1948. He called it “ Mickey Mouse Park” (Louise). After the plan began to look more and more possible, Walt created WED Enterprises in 1952 to create what he now called “Disneyland”. In 1953, WED began looking for possible places to put Disneyland in. They began looking more into California (Louise). They finally picked California and began making more sketches. To create a place that is “better than real” (Hass/ 162), Disney researched places for inspiration. He really liked how New Orleans looked and decided he wanted to recreate it in his park.
Disneyland was created for not only kids, but adults too. A place where they would not be bored waiting in line. Disneyland is “Walt Disney’s vision of a pristine and fantastic playground for American families at midcentury”. Incorporating all of this is definitely tough. It took tons of rough drafts and sketches. But, it was all worth it. The plans were all coming together. For Disney that is, many people did not see what Disney saw. They did not discourage Walt in the slightest. After the sketching was done, Disneyland could

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