Essay on What Fuels Conspiracy Theories?

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Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories, are they a bunch of made up old wives tales or are they reality as we know it? Well, first of all, let’s take a look at the definition of a “theory”. A “theory” or “theories” are analytical tools for understanding and explaining a given subject manner however, they aren’t always true, but they are generally expected to follow principles of rational thought or logic. Most conspiracy theories cause paranoia in certain people; it gives you the reality of this actually being true because they are published in books, written in large serious segments in websites etc. Real time events, such as the “UFO” crash site in the 1940’s caused a lot of commotion, events like this fuel people to write conspiracy
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Other theories suggest that the virus was created as an experiment in biological and/or psychological warfare, and then escaped into the population at large by accident. Getting paranoid? Not only does this make you think about other diseases that could or could’ve been man-made but it also makes you think about other diseases that could be in the process of production right now.

Lack of evidence in real time events fuel conspiracy theorists to create conspiracy theories. Just to clarify what a real time event is; a real time event is an event that occurs in any part of the world, this event can be broadcasted on the news globally or country-wide, some events don’t even get broadcasted on the news; this is why it is fueling conspiracy theorists to create conspiracies. With the lack of information given when a real time event occurs, it causes people to think outside of the square or box, however you want to call it. Now for an example of a real time event – When Princess Diana was killed in a car accident.
Conspiracy theorists created extremely crazy and ridiculous conspiracy theories, due to the lack of information that was retrieved from the wreckage. Let’s take a look at a conspiracy theory for this event; The UK public and a majority of people in some Arab countries, believe that there was a plot to murder Diana, Princess of Wales. Motivations which have been advanced for such a

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