What Is Culture Essay

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"Culture", as a word, belongs to group of words that do not have just one definition and meaning. Many researchers have tried to define culture and each one of them what simply did was just an addition of something more to the previous definition. None of these definitions best describes what culture really is, because as it has been said "culture is not one of life's luxuries: it's life itself" (Definition of"). By this, one can understand that, since life is implemented with culture as well, culture covers all aspects a human might come upon during his life, from language, politics, economic systems, to traditions, behavior, religion, even up to fashion and food. As Henslin once stated, "culture becomes …show more content…
In this case the student will encounter differences in the majority of the elements that a culture consists of. The student will be face to face with people who grew up with different traits and values than his own and he must try, not even to understand them but, even more difficult, to adapt to this new culture he has just entered.

First of all, the language will be most probably different, which means that, even if he had studied the language before, he will not be able to fully communicate with locals without any obstacles. People, usually, use expressions which are not known to people from other countries (and consequently from other cultures), and this will be overcame by creating "new set of friends" ("Safety"), who are the only "people (who) can help explain cultural practices and customs" ("Safety").

People who are members of the same culture, most of the times have an unwritten code between them for many sectors of their life - social and private. Eskimos are a great example of such "unusual habits", which offer their wife to their visitor during the first night and they simply mean "Thank you" with this gesture. Moreover, people around the world use different movements of their face, hands and body to express their feelings and a foreign student might feel embarrassed, annoyed or shocked when encounters incidents like the one mentioned

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