What is Energy Psychology? Essay

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Energy Psychology is astoundingly effective with fear, anxiety, and the emotional difficulties of everyday life, from unnecessary anger to intolerable feelings of guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, rejection, isolation, and grief. It helps change unwanted habits and behaviours and enhances the ability to love, succeed, and enjoy life.
Average life coaches also incorporate energy psychology into their repertoire. They teach it to their clients for back-home support with emotional self-management and optimizing performance. Energy Psychology also provides important self-enhancement guidelines for those not receiving counselling.
Positive clinical and experimental outcomes have shown Energy Psychology methods to help with several
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In contrast, individual states, state psychology boards, and professional organizations (the National Board for Certified Counsellors, the Association of Social Work Boards, and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counsellors) accept the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology as a Continuing Education Provider.
Schulz (2009) found that twelve psychologists who used Energy Psychology while treating adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse reported back believing that energy psychology is the most comprehensive approach available for the anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias found in adult survivors. (Energy Psychology, 1:1: Theory, Research and Treatment, Dawson Church.)
Energy Psychology is still a controversial development within the psychology field (the techniques look strange, are based on other foreign cultures, and the claims of a increasing number of practitioners seem almost too good to be true), but evidence is mounting that these techniques are significant, tools for both self-help and clinical treatment.
Energy psychology is both a clinical and a self-help modality that combines psychological and physical processes for bringing about therapeutic change. While it is based on established scientific principles that govern psychology, the approach also incorporates concepts and techniques from non-Western systems for healing and spiritual development. Its most frequently used methods combine the stimulation of acupuncture

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