What is Rankism? Essay

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Rankism is a direct attack on a person’s autonomy. Using another person as a means to an end and destroying their dignity is my definition of rankism. Identifying people who practice rankism , and being made aware of what they are doing is a priority. The cognitive, physical, and psychosocial damage caused by rankism is no less severe than sexism, ageism, able-bodyism, heterosexism, classism, anti-Semitism, and racism. To end rankism we must end all isms.
“The relationship between rankism and the specific isms targeted by identity politics can be compared to that between cancer and its subspecies. For centuries the group of diseases that are now seen as varieties of cancer were regarded as distinct illnesses. No one realized that lung,
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In the time I worked at the store another new male manager started working overnight. Assistant managers rotate from day shift to the night shift every six months. Well, neither of the two male managers got to take a day shift even though they wanted it. I worked at this Walmart for two years, and the whole time it was the same two male managers. The store manager said that they didn’t do a good enough job to work the day shifts. There were rumors that the female assistant managers refused to work the night shift, and that the store manager was ok with it. The managers both became depressed, because no matter how hard they tried it didn’t seem to matter. The store manager was participating in rankism by using her power as a boss to not follow the company policy.
On the night before “Black Friday” I was in queue to buy a PlayStation 4 for my brother-in-law. They only had twelve available, so I got there extremely early. The line filled quickly, and when there was only one spot left. A young boy about fifteen filed in at the end of the line. A Walmart associate approached the boy, and asked him for an I.D. He presented the associate with what looked like a permit. The associate then told the boy he was not the required age to wait in line for a PlayStation 4. Now according to the E.S.R.B. there is no age restriction on consoles. Walmart discriminated against this young man, because they thought his parents were

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