Essay about What makes Billy Pilgrim ‘unstuck in time’?

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Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time because of the war. His mental state was completely altered because of his participation in the firebombing in World War II. It is clear to see that Kurt Vonnegut was against war, and this novel shows his opinions subtly. Human life means nothing to him anymore; it is just something that can be taken away without notice.
Billy Pilgrim is a veteran of World War II. Billy was captured and became a prisoner of war, during the time of the Dresden Firebombing. The prisoners of war are forced to collect the bodies of the people killed. These events affect Billy in an un-reparable manner that will change his life forever.
Post traumatic stress is defined as a psychological reaction occurring after
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In this mind set, Billy becomes ‘unstuck’ because he believes that what the Tralfmadorians are saying is true.
When Billy was living in reality, it was sensed that he felt a sense of loneliness. He couldn’t talk to Valencia, because to being with he didn’t even truly love her. He started to talk about it to his daughter, but she just thought he was crazy. This sense of being alone did not help Billy, but only made the PTSD worse. Yet, the trips to Tralfmadore and the trips to the future might’ve helped Billy keep his sanity to some degree. The friends that Billy created in his mind and the experiences he had when he was ‘time traveling’ took up some of the time he had to keep him somewhat normal. Though some of the things that he thought about were not true, and some just ridiculous, just as the idea that humans are machines, the conversations he held in his head maintained the need for somewhat normal interaction between Billy and people, or Tralfmadorians.
Billy learns much about life from the Tralfmadorians. He learns to interact somewhat normally with them even though he is treated like an animal at the zoo. The Tralfmadorians teach him that it is possible for a species of people to live together in peace and everyone can be happy. Tralfmadorians can also see the future, where they predict they will blow up the universe (117). “So it goes”.
Another way Vonnegut uses symbols or actions to represent the Anti-war theme is through death (3). Every

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