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“Who was Corrie Ten Boom?” one may ask. Was Ten Boom a singer, an actress, or even a painter? No, she was the woman who worked strenuously against the genocide of Jews. Cornelia Arnolda Johanna Ten Boom, generally known as “Corrie”, was born on April 15, 1892 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Wheaton College 2010). Corrie was a courageous woman during the Holocaust Era; she stood boldly for the Jews. However, it was only through Gods grace that she was able to orchestrate a strategic plan to aid Jews; leaving behind the greatest legacy of all, the power of forgiveness through Christ. As we journey throughout Ten Boom’s life, one may be able to decide for themselves whether or not she left the greatest legacy of all. Corrie was a child of …show more content…
In results to that, Corrie had to put a sad, but abrupt end to the groups to cause no harm. Moreover, while the rest of the world was discriminating against the Jews, the Ten Booms thought otherwise. "Don't bother to give God instructions; just report for duty.” this is what Corrie stated when God gave her and her family the task of rescuing the Jews. Without any hesitation, the Ten Booms took in Jews with not many doubts (Boom). For awhile the Ten Booms aided Jews with several connections, however, it all ended February 28, 1944 (Boom). In that very time the Ten Booms’ home had been raided by the soldiers; yet, the Ten Booms home was so secured that the Jews were nowhere to be found (Boom). Therefore, they took the Ten Booms and all of their acquaintances to concentration camps (Boom). From February 28, 1944 to December 30, 1994 (Encyclopedia)) Corrie had been tossed from prison to two different concentration camps. In those nine months, her sister, Betsie, and she was treated very ill, they received little to no food, and cruel and unjust beatings. Withstanding in faith and great endurance, Betsie presence reached Christ December 1944, and shortly after Corrie was released; only by God’s grace and mercy (Paulson). After Corrie’s release, she knew that God had worked a miracle. In reverence to that, Corrie went out and told of her testimony about how God had kept her. Corrie wanted people to

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