Who Wouldn't Want a Wife? Essay

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Being a wife or a mother automatically comes with an enormous amount of responsibilities; as times have changed these expected responsibilities of mothers and wives have changed as well. These caretaker roles women play have come to define them and what they represent in society. Unfortunately to this day despite their immeasurable hard work women are still recognized as disposable material, unequal to men. But this does not under any circumstance demean the enormous accomplishments these wives and mother are capable of. The main objective in Judy Brady’s short essay is describing the extravagant responsibilities both a wife and/or a mother completes on a daily basis and the dependency the children and men in their lives have on the …show more content…
If a child were to become sick Brady wouldn’t be expected to take time off from school but the wife would have to be capable to taking time off from her job in order to stay home and nurture the child back to health, all while continuing to maintain her job. The wife will have to be capable of completing all this by herself, so that Brady is able to have complete focus at all times on school. Not only are the daily chores and the children’s daily needs the responsibility of the wife while maintaining her job, but also the physical needs of Brady’s the wives’ responsibility as well. This would not only include Brady’s sexual desires, but maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of her wardrobe, cooking savory meals, and sympathizing and taking extra good care of Brady, should she get sick and miss time at school.
If Brady shall desire to have a social gathering the wife is presumed as the event planner and guest entertainer, diligently keep the guests feeling comfortable and entertained.
It’s expected the wife keep up with these additional demands while maintaining her silence in opinion. Most women think with their emotions versus men whom tend to think more logically, or about the bigger picture. I think that Brady does an excellent job of portraying a typical wives’ daily activities but in a sense has a sarcastic approach to it. During my initial reading of Judy Brady’s essay my initial thoughts were that women, whom are wives,

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