Why Force Children to Come to School? Essay

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Despite the fact that school attendance is not a choice for children; parents play a big role in students’ dropping out. There are plenty of reasons students dropouts. It has been proven that the percentage of student dropouts increases every year. This paper will show certain reasons and give examples of student dropouts. Is a decision for students to dropout? Well, I don’t think it should be a decision because you need education. If there was a choice of decision, mostly students would be out of school. In addition, I believe that there are multiple of reasons why children leave school. First, they make wrong decisions. Then, they get involved with gangs, drugs, alcohol, get pregnant and commit crimes. Many have a poor school attitude …show more content…
A high school diploma or GED is the minimum qualification needed to apply for most jobs in America that pay a decent wage. If this became a law most students would have a great education and not being in the streets. Besides, making students finish school a law will make things better. Not only would it force students in school, it will decrease student dropouts. It also proves to future employers they can accomplish a goal.
Consequences of high school dropouts are also more likely to receive public assistance than high school graduates who do not go to college. The individual stresses and frustrations associated with dropping out have social implications as well; dropouts make up a disproportional percentage of the nation’s prisons and death row inmates. Students shouldn’t go down that road in life, no matter what.
Not all students are fit for school but in order to be successful, you need an education. Making consequences for dropping out will have students more focus on school. I really don’t see why people have to force students. In this situation, I see more dropouts walking around the neighborhood every day. Students who receive poor grades, repeat a grade, or are over-age for their class is more likely to dropout. Another, students who have poor attendance for reasons other than illness, are also more likely to dropout. It’s been known for years that young people who do not earn a

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