Why I Want to be a Teacher Essay

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Why I Want to be a Teacher

Like most people, I have a hard time thinking of one sole reason why I have chosen to become a teacher. There are so many rewards and benefits to the teaching profession that choosing one reason would be extremely hard if not impossible. Because of my family background and my past teachers I can not think of a better way to spend the rest of my life than being a teacher.

I was born into a family of four children with two teachers as my parents. Throughout my younger years my mother took a few years off work and stayed home with my siblings and I while my father continued his job as the librarian at the local high school. Once we were all a bit older my mother went back to work while we were in
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This was the year I realized how much fun it was to go to work with dad. Once school was out for the summer, my siblings and I begged my father to let us go to work with him. We would pack our book bags full of toys, books, stuffed animals, games and of course our security blankets so we would have plenty to do while we were there, and just in case there was a monster in one of the back closets our blankets would be there for protection. This was when my love for being in a school building actually began. During the school year I was in classes working and being taught and during the summer I was at the high school with my siblings and my father racing up and down the halls or playing school in the back section of the library. There were days when I would sit in front of my dad’s secretary’s computer and play Print Shop while sneaking candies from her desk and be content with doing that all day. I had two homes, the school and my actual house. I realize now that practically my whole life has been spent in a school. I grew up around teachers and fellow students, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life anywhere else.

Once I entered high school I no longer had a "homeroom" teacher. Different subjects were taught by different teachers, and I seemed to like my English teachers better than the others. One certain teacher, Mrs. Rooklin, was my sophomore and junior year English teacher. She was strict, but I have come to find that strict teachers are often

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