Will the Ipad Revolutionize Technology? Essay

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With Apples release of the Ipad in the near future, the main question on everyone's mind is how will this “computer” change the face of computers. This leads to the question of will the Ipad change technology in a significant way. I think the potential is available for Apple and the Ipad to change consumer interaction with technology, meaning changing the market for personal and professional computers, but not all the ducks are in a line just yet for this type of technical revolution. It the Ipad changes anything

Number one most important way the Apple Ipad will change the way we use technology is through technology interaction. Design is very important in the technology world, and when people can be incorporated into
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Apple's ad for the Ipad predisposes the audience to the visual aspects of the new product, because the ad only fucus on visual cues to describe the product and it's function. Watching movies on the mini ipod screens has never been the best method, and this glorified ipod the Ipad will bring movie watching to a new portable level. Although, I am hesitant to say movie viewing will be any easier with the touch screen capabilities, keeping the screen clean may prove difficult. Additionally, we are becoming a more media driven and visual society, we would rather watch our news then read it. The Ipad's focus on the visual will drive other markets to address their products visual representations improving picture quality and clarity for future products.

Weighing half that of a normal computer, the Ipad is more travel friendly than other computers are considered to be. This change is likely due to the response consumers had to the accessibility of Netbooks, which fit better in briefcases and carry on bags. The Ipad offers more to it's users, and still includes Iworks making documents, and presentations accessibility and editable in this multi-touch formate.

Touch is just the first way Apple is marketing products. Technology will have to keep with the integration process with other aspects of the human experience, which means

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