Essay on Wind Energy: A Case Study

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Wind Farms on the Cape

When I first became informed about the idea of wind turbines as a source of renewable energy and these farms off the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I Thought it was a wonderful idea. I especially felt this way after hearing the opinion of a classmate who has the turbines in her home state and said that they are so thin and slim that you can barely see them from afar. I was so interested in learning more about these wind turbines as a source of energy that I wanted to further research for this project. While doing my research I completely changed my opinions and views about them. My views now are all negative and I think that these wind turbines do more damage to the immediate environment than they have
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The point is that these turbines will be an alternative energy source and a renewable source of energy that will never run out. The Cape Wind Associates have protested that the project could "produce nearly 75% of all the electricity for Cape Cod residents-without any of the noxious emissions associated with the standard energy sources."

The wind turbines, which some could be up to 160 feet tall, have to be able to withstand the forces of weather. The blades are made out a very durable fiberglass type of material called "RIM." This type of material has an average life expectancy of about twenty years, possibly more.

Those who support wind energy, like the Cape Wind Associates and the consultants of Cape Wind, think that with ever rising energy costs and concerns about fossil fuels and the environment that "electricity generated turbines have become economically competitive with fossil fuel burning plants" and will solve the global warming problem and the problem with the constant rising of energy costs. They believe that the wind farms in the water till do more good for the state than it has consequences. The wind offshore is so strong and steady, that supporters of it believe that it can supply the Cape with

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