Essay on Winning at Any Cost

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There’s nothing like standing victorious on the field, court, or track after countless hours of hard work paying off. When you know you deserve it and you did everything to win it fair. Well, this feeling seems to be happening less and less these days as many athletes are going too far to win. Many of them are cheating, losing all of their achievements because they cheated, and are even ruining the sports that so many of us love playing and watching. Why do people cheat? It seems like everyone is doing it. “We’ve got scientists and professors who cheat, journalists who cheat, lawyers who cheat, and CEO’s who cheat.” (Griffin, Morgan) Many Athletes are cheating these days as well. There are many reasons that these people cheat. Some do it …show more content…
Lance Armstrong was accused of a massive “doping conspiracy” back in 2012. After years of Armstrong using all of his powers to prove to the public that his blood was clean, the truth was out. “Armstrong chose not to fight the charges, USADA banned him for life. They stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles and erased all of his results since August 1, 1998. Head of USADA Travis Tygart called it 'the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” (Magee, Andrew) A perfect example of how an athlete may cheat his way to the top, but eventually loses everything he had earned on that journey because of cheating. Another Athlete that lost all due to cheating is Barry Bonds, The Home Run King of Baseball and one of the biggest cheaters the sport has ever seen. “Years of nasty rumors became real trouble when a grand jury in San Francisco indicted baseballs home run king on charges of lying about using performance-enhancing drugs.” (McNeal, Stan) Bonds broke the home run record with 762 career home runs. He has also received the Gold Glove award 8 times, but this all vanished when the ugly truth of how this was done was discovered. When the public discovered Bonds was on PED, many of his fans began calling him “baseballs biggest cheater.” “The cheater label stuck to Bonds.” (McNeal, Stan) Bonds also lost all of his prized awards. “Bonds chances of making the Hall of Fame, once as certain as

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