Wireless Connection Security Issues Essay

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Wireless Connection Security Issues Wireless connections are everywhere. They are used in homes, businesses, and on the go. The reasons for wireless connections' ubiquitousness are fairly obvious: convenience, mobility, and availability, just to name a few. Unfortunately, security is often overlooked when connecting wirelessly. There are several types of unauthorized access to a wireless network, and there are also many methods to gain this access. Unauthorized access is not always due to malicious intent. For instance, a user may select the wireless connection of a neighboring business or home by accident. This is called an accidental association. The connection itself is referred to as a mis-association. It is possible this …show more content…
Any attacker could use a laptop computer with a wireless card and packet analyzing software to gain access to an allowed MAC address. Once the allowed MAC address is recognized the attacker could fake or spoof his or her MAC address to gain entry to the MAC filtered network. A man-in-the-middle attack can also be used to gain access to a wireless network. This attack works by tricking the user into logging in to what appears to be a trusted wireless AP. After which, the hacker has the credentials necessary to log-in to the actual wireless network. These credentials are then used to set up a computer with two network interface cards (NICs) to receive traffic and send it to the actual wireless AP, allowing the hacker to see all the data traffic that goes through the fake wireless AP. This attack can be used to gather sensitive information such log-in credentials and corporate secrets. A rogue access point isn't an attack, but it can compromise network security. This is similar to an Ad-hoc network. However, instead of a laptop sharing the connection, a new connection is created by a user plugging in an AP or wireless router to a local area network (LAN) jack. This can be a security issue because it can allow access to a secure network to unauthorized individuals (Johnson, n.d.). Some individuals will drive around looking for wireless networks. This is called Wardriving. Looking around for wireless networks becomes dangerous when the purpose is

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