Woebegone Lover and Wayman in Love Essay

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Woebegone Lover and Wayman in Love Although in an ideal world it would fit that our lover was a soulmate, most rational people would agree that this is not always the case. Tom Wayman's "Wayman in Love" details an encounter between a man and a woman that, although devoid of true love, the man feels has been a long time coming. Conversely, Carol Jane Bangs' "Touching Each Others Surface's" is the remembrance of a love that is no longer alive. Both of these poems explore the topic of physical encounters that possess no feeling. However, they do so from opposite ends of the spectrum. While "Wayman in Love" is the story of a one-night stand (and therefore devoid of real emotion), "Touching Each Other's Surfaces" is a tale of love long …show more content…
Had he not cared, he would never have been visited by the good doktor, much less so soon. Just as it seems that failure to consummate can be avoided, Doktor Marx counters with the consequences for Wayman's lover. Enlisting an ultra-traditional view of womanhood, the philosopher paints a picture of a dependent housewife not able to make her own decisions. He then directly correlates this to a subservient position in the bedroom, effectively destroying any last glimmer of hope Mr. Wayman ever had of getting lucky. "If you are not working," says Marx, "you are going to resent your dependent position. This will influence, I assure you, your most intimate moments (19-21)." At this point, it is almost possible to hear the groan of the speaker. As he makes a last-ditch effort to preserve the moment, Wayman's conscience again screams stop in the form of another great thinker. As the poet Wayman details the awkwardness of the shifting bodies in the bed to make room for another, Doktor Freud is introduced to the couple and the audience. The connotations of Freud and his Psychoanalytic Theory immediately fall on the last stanza, as the reader can assume that everything that ever pertained to the situation was sex-related anyway. However, instead of bringing justification for the present encounter, Doktor

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