Workplace Injuries Essay

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The welfare of the workforce contributes a significant portion of the productivity of the workforce in general. Employees are the forces that constitute policies and drive and supervise various processes within a production. The most effective method of dealing with risks is the prevention or reducing the chances of the risk taking place. Contrary to popular belief workplace accidents are mostly not spontaneous. The injuries tend to present surprises due to the fact that no proactive measures have been taken to simulate the injuries and therefore generate preventive measures. Simulation of injuries is a process used by most organizations during the process of risk assessment. It involves the consideration of all the processes that go on in …show more content…
The organization should also ensure that employees are constantly motivated to prevent carelessness or dissatisfaction. These are some of the factors that can contribute to injury. Employees also can be trained with refresher courses offered to ensure complete understanding of processes. Finally a company can ensure that it only employee’s skilled personnel for a particular task. Procedures are supposed to direct employees through various processes to ensure effective output. Employees in turn follow these procedures with the confidence that the procedures are safe. However, when the processes are ineffective in terms of design, in terms of articulation within the task or lack of harmony, the chances of injury are greatly increased. An organization can reduce the risk of injury due to ineffective procedures, by ensuring that the design for the operation serves its purpose and that employee safety is a priority embedded within the design. Risk due to ineffective procedures can also be reduced by ensuring that each process articulates within the task smoothly and effectively. This can be done by ensuring that one process flows smoothly to the next. When all the procedures within a task run in harmony with each other, then workplace injury is prevented (McKenzie et al, 2008, p.72). Machine errors are by far the most difficult causes of workplace injury that present a major challenge in terms of prevention. This is because most of

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