World War One Diary Extract Essay

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World War One Diary Extract

8th July 1914

War! Me and my mate Jeff are off to War! Some dude was killed, and the world has gone crazy. There is going to be a war! Me and Jeff signed up yesterday after reading in the Daily Mail that we need to join the British Army to kick German butt! Yeah!

I say we are off to war but obviously we have to train first. You know, firing a rifle and that. Cor, guns are so cool. I know I am going to be the best. I can imagine it now, me going to Germany and shooting everyone who gets in my way as I run up to the German base and capturing it.

I'll show those Germans a thing or two!

I told my mum, but she was just scared. She doesn't want me to go; she
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At least I can just about hit the targets but on the first day we had rifle training, he broke his gun, and when it was fixed he shot Sergeant Wilkes in the foot.

You could hear the yelps from the other side of camp!

I didn't see Jeff today, but I did see a white bird flying over the rifle range. The other birds don't dare but this one showed no fear. I wish I could. We were told we are going to war soon. I'm positively very nearly terrified.

2nd August 1914

I wish I could shoot better. Some of the lads in my platoon could hit a shilling at 100yds. Absolutely amazing. Me? I can hardly hit a cut out of a man at 50yds. I'm even putting in extra training with Sarge. He's a hard bastard that one.

France has declared war. Britain is likely to declare soon. Our battalion will be deployed to France soon after.

I saw the white bird again today. It gave me courage, but I am still nervous. They say the Germans are cannibals.

4th August 1914

I saw Jeff today and he told me that Britain has declared war!!!

I am very excited. However I am also rather apprehensive.

And I'm terrified. We get deployed to the front line in three days.

7th August 1914

Deployed today. Very little time to speak. Haven't seen Jeff for a while.

23rd August 1914

Jeff is dead. Hit directly by a shell. He died on the 10th. I could be next.

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