Essay on Worldwide Corporation: PepsiCo.Inc

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Founded in 1960, PepsiCo.Inc has become one of the most successful and well run corporations worldwide. Forming partnerships with other big named businesses and making goods that cater to their admirers have helped made PepsiCo.Inc a global power, but would the admirers of Pepsi products continue to support them even after the effects of their products are revealed? Would their partners continue to associate with them when their supporters won’t? And, perhaps the most important question we must ask ourselves, with the push for healthy living in the U.S. by the media and the FDA, how much longer does PepsiCo.Inc have? Only time will tell, but when Diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes are at an all time high in America, it is not too …show more content…
To date, PepsiCo has increased their success through the acquiring, merging, and purchasing of companies such as Taco Bell, KFC, and Brisk iced tea (Our History). While great in taste, the products of PepsiCo are extremely unhealthy. Diseases based from unhealthy eating habits are rising in the United States. The most common and perhaps most deadly disease affecting Americans today is obesity. While working the same for adult and child, obesity acts as a gateway disease, causing other diseases, specifically with the heart, brain, and blood. The major cause for obesity is the consumption of unhealthy foods, meaning the item holds little to no nutritional value. A study in “pediatrics” in 2004 found that fast-food consumption in children was linked with many dangerous precursors for obesity (Fleck). You may be thinking to yourself, “well isn’t consumption of foods the consumers choice? If they know it’s unhealthy for them why don’t they stop?” and that would be an excellent question; however, according to a statement released by the journal, “Nature Neuroscience”, in 2010, high-calorie food can be addictive, causing children who occasionally eat fast food to learn problematic patterns of eating (Fleck). It is almost as if these foods have brainwashing effects on children, and unfortunately, fast food companies combine that with affordability

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