Years in the Life of Francine Prose Essay

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It is common to hear that writers usually have a knack for reading, especially from a young age. Francine Prose is no different from them. This lifelong love of reading has contributed to Francine Prose's need to write (Bolick). Francine Prose has written just about thirty books and other literary works, yet she is by no means done yet (Hodara). The childhood of Francine Prose has greatly contributed to her success as a writer, not just from her love of reading, but by the gift of using her greatest sense; Her hearing. (Bolick; Carrigan). On April 1, 1947, Francine Prose made her entrance into the world (Carrigan). Born to Phillip and Jessie Prose, both of whom were physicians, Prose grew up developing her ear for narrative storytelling …show more content…
Though her education was an important part of her life, it was certainly not the only part, and a family came soon after. In 1976, Prose went on to marry Howard Michaels, known by some as Howie (Carrigan). Michaels was an artist and a sculptor(Carrigan). Two years into their marriage, Prose and Michaels gave birth to their first son (Carrigan). Their son,Bruno, was born in 1978(Carrigan). Four years later, Prose gave birth to a second child, another boy(Carrigan). She and Michaels went on to name him Leon. Soon after, Prose began her entrance into the working world(Carrigan). Between the 1982 and 1989, Prose began her teaching career(Carrigan). She worked at numerous places in her short career(Carrigan). Prose taught at several colleges, the few being the University of Arizona, Sarah Lawrence College, and the visiting professor of literature at Bard College(Carrigan). Prose also began teaching at workshops and conferences including the Iowa Writer' workshop, the Bread Loaf Writers', and the Sewanee Writers'(Carrigan). Late after her career, she became president of the Pen/American Center in New York(Carrigan). In between her education, her family, and her career, Prose went on to publish her first novel, Judah the Pious in 1973(Carrigan). Early in her writing career, Prose started off with writing reviews(Hodara). As her career furthered, the events of the world around her started to influence her writing(Hodara). Her pieces became

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